Roadside Cassette Tapes

A great fun older (2002) art archeological project, where myself and friends(collaborators)  picked up discarded audio cassette tapes from various parts of New Zealand.  I provided each collaborator with a zip-lock bag to contain any found tape(s), a marker pen and a disposable camera to record the information about the location of the find.

And enthusiastically they ‘risked life and limb and prejudice’ to gather up the fluttering remnants.

I disentangled each of the artifacts lovingly (with the occasional expletive) , intensely curious.  I wound them into cassette bodies, listened to the audible moments before each tape stopped abruptly, and combined with the photo records, created an insight into the moment the music died.

Scroll down to hear the tracks and see the CD booklet pages.

CD disc stamp
CD 1 booklet front page

Click on booklet pages for images and locations.

CD inside pages
CD booklet rear page
CD plus example of rewound remnant
Examples of disposable cameras supplied to collaborators, plus a couple of examples of roadside salvage.