Mike O’Kane lives in New Zealand and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree and the Sculpture Prize in 1997. He has a number of works in private and public collections in New Zealand and Australia.

Leveret. 1998. Chrome plated steel, stainless steel spring leaf, recycled and fabricated actuating mechanism. From the ‘Dubious Therapeutic Inventions’ series. Copyright Mike O’Kane








Pas De Deux 1997. Chromium plated steel, bicycle inner tubes, bicycle skewers. (Held in private collection.) Copyright Mike O’Kane




D9 E9. 1997. Aluminium, neoprene pads, bicycle straps. Copyright Mike O’Kane


Headset. 1997. Piano hammers, anodised aluminium, bicycle cables etc. Copyright Mike O’Kane

‘Concerning Anxiety: When Art Meets Neuroscience.’ To read this article  about Headset  on Otago University’s Corpus Blog, click here.


Red Swing. 2001. Powder coated steel and aluminium, with sprung paddles. Copyright Mike O’Kane



Green Swing. 2001. Powder-coated steel, recycled bathroom scale, laminated hollow core plywood. Image Copyright Mike O’Kane






2302AltX. 2014. Sedimentary limestone. [You can make most things with ASCI codes] Mike O’Kane