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Mike O'Kane - 'Changing Circumstances' at Photospace Gallery 11 July-13 August 2022, contemporary new zealand photograpphy gallery in Wellington NZ, tabletop photography with model soldiers, photographic artwork about war and conflict

July  11 ~ August 13 2022, venue, Photospace Gallery, Wellington 


June 1 ~ 11 2022, venue, Moray Gallery, Dunedin



Some of my latest artworks are being shown by Dunedin’s Moray Gallery.


Also at Moray Gallery. (Irascible) Wee Willie, A Children’s Story (Parable), A Portrait of The Artist, and Extended Stay, illustrated below.













And my ongoing ‘Collateral Damage’ exhibition at Fairmaid Chance and Crawford Dunedin;

Viewing is available to anyone interested.

Includes a submarine, a WWI aircraft,  a Super-Constellation, a German BMW and rider, a French 1917 tank, an Italian WW1 soldier at a moonlit cemetery,  etc.


One of the characters starring in my work entitled ‘Dardanelles Two-step’  is this1:35 scale kitset figure, an example of the truly excellent  miniature sculpture coming out of Ukraine



Please pause for a moment in a disused railway tunnel near Owaka.



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Exhibitions;  recent and upcoming.

•Image galleries, click on  Sculptures, Cars,  Trains or Warlike

James Dignan’s perspective on Mike’s work with toys.

•Mike’s sculpture meets science head on-  a conversation with neuroscientist Brian Hyland;   https://corpus.nz/concerning-anxiety-art-meets-neuroscience/

Fringe Festival Billboard project

•Audio project- Disentangling and resurrecting discarded bits of audio cassette tape life, where the sound track stumbles, then stops.





for use with life-sustaining respiratory masks








a real train
August 2020.  contemplating Covid


July 2020.  On The Beach. Anticipating the next wave
June 2020,  frost patterns on our balustrade a wintery compensation


April 2020.  The Royal mail Hotel at Braidwood  NSW. The pub would’ve been a magnet after a long hot day.

 Here’s a detail from one of the public art works in Reconciliation Place  Canberra. Fire and Water by Judy Watson.


Jan 2020 Flew into Canberra ACT. Heat and bushfires and smoke all around the state and neighbouring New South Wales. So much loss of wildlife and habitat.  Then a hailstorm which tore through the leaves of wonderful  Canberran trees, (and also damaged 37,000 cars).


Terra Nullius, 2018, as Autumn approaches in Canberra, the nation’s capital.
HiSpeak communications for respiratory masks
From the Warlike series,  ‘White Fella’  2018 image, detail.


An artist and the inventor of HiSpeak the communications device pictured at left.


Mike usually lives in New Zealand and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree and the Sculpture Prize in 1997.

His work over the last decade or so has evolved into photographically creating seemingly plausible truths; proposing new possibilities for the toys and models of childhood play. More recently it has involved constructing and painting plastic kitsets with a war theme; a guilty pleasure revisited.

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Mike has a number of works in public and private collections in New Zealand and in private collections in Australia.




Billboard 60 Special. 2012.


On the stage