Exhibition Reviews

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Just Playing. Otago Daily Times  2017. Review by James Dignan
On Assignment. Inge Doesburg Gallery 2013. Review by Jamie Hanton







Otago Daily Times. ‘On Assignment’ exhibition 2013
















1997 Canberra public performance, part of a larger project coordinated by Stephen Hurrell.

While wearing ‘Headset’ I publicly played an externalised internal ‘game’ of one-sided chess against myself playing cards (Patience), one evening in Canberra’s Melbourne building. One video looped the poem (below), the other video showed a  journey by bike from the ANU Sculpture workshop to my apartment in Turner.

The modified piano hammers are activated in response to signals from my brain,  which creates a tapping on my head to (almost) complete the circuit.

photo credits: Stephen Hurrell












Public performance coordinated by Mike O’Kane. Monica Article 1996.  By Rob Garrett.