Hotere Garden Oputae


Following the winding up of the Otago Sculpture Trust and website*, here is some of the informative material that is worth keeping available for public access. The only OST website archive (incomplete) is via the National Library of NZ website.

The sculpture garden on Observation Point above Port Chalmers has a number of large and interesting sculptures.

‘Aramoana’ has been reduced to a standing carved post in more recent times, the three others are complete.


Black Phoenix Rising
Brick Column
Aramoana (as it was)
They Do Cut Down the Poles That Hold Up The Sky

*An enterprising artist has adopted the domain name for himself.

Black Phoenix II

Brick Column

Aramoana (Note in 2021, it was discovered that the mast depicted no longer exists here)
Aramoana detail (in 2021 only the carved ARAMOANA section of the original sculpture remains)
They Do Cut Down the Poles That Hold Up The Sky (Note 2021, the sculpture is now surrounded by a fence)
Base inscription


They do cut down the poles that hold up the sky.