Mike O’Kane- Art

From the Warlike series,  ‘White Fella’  2018 image, detail.

Popup exhibition at Fairmaid Chance and Crawford; includes descriptions and prices. Popin.


Mike lives in New Zealand and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree and the Sculpture Prize in 1997.

His work over the last decade or so has evolved into photographically creating seemingly plausible truths; proposing new possibilities for the toys and models of childhood play.

More recently it has involved constructing and painting plastic kitsets with a war theme; a guilty pleasure revisited.


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Mike has a number of works in public and private collections in New Zealand and in private collections in Australia.

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Exhibitions;  recent and upcoming. 

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James Dignan’s perspective on Mike’s work with toys.

•Mike’s sculpture meets science head on-  a conversation with neuroscientist Brian Hyland;   https://corpus.nz/concerning-anxiety-art-meets-neuroscience/

Fringe Festival Billboard project  (Image below)

•Audio project- Disentangling and resurrecting discarded bits of audio cassette tape

Billboard 60 Special. 2012.


On The Beach