Mike O’Kane- Art

White Fella. Detail











May 2019 ~ pop-up exhibition

Pop-up exhibition at Fairmaid, Chance and Crawford. Moray Place near library, Dunedin.



Millennium Gallery show ended 5 May. Cressida Bishop reported great feedback, and its all been a positive experience from my side. Hopefully I’ll have another exhibition there sometime


Mike lives in New Zealand and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree and the Sculpture Prize in 1997.

His work over the last decade or so has evolved into photographically creating partially plausible truths; proposing new possibilities for the toys and models of childhood play.

He has a number of works in public and private collections in New Zealand and in private collections in Australia.

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Knit One, Purl One


Millennium gallery view 1
[Image credit Danny Knox]

 Audio project- discarded bits of cassette tape

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Billboard 60 Special. 2012.


On The Beach